Kirkland Major Cities and Areas

City of Kirkland: The largest city in the civilized area of the island, this center of humanity takes it’s name from the family who founded the city many years ago.

Everette: Kirkland’s nearest trading partner and ally. On the shore of the largest freshwater lake, Lake Peu, this Freetown has seen its share of war. Many orc and giant tribes have raided from the nearby mountains over the years and so far the city has managed to repel the attacks.

Snowmelt and runoff from the mountains has brought fertile soil to the north of the town for farming. Large quarries of marble can also be found in the nearby hillsides. The city makes quite a decent living exporting marble to cities and wealthy individuals for defensive and decorative structures. Everette also makes some of the finest parchments and papers with the residues from these quarries and are sought after for fine scrolls and books.

Everette has a mayoral system of government, lasting for three year terms. The current mayor, Bellamin Carter, makes his living selling both mundane and magical paints and inks that his family has been making for many years.

Argos: Established due to the nearby salt mines. They have established a trade route with the Dwarves from Rockhome. A good place to travel to for dwarven made items. The threat of troll invasions from the nearby swamps looms, but the armies of Argos have been able to drive them back with the help from their Dwarven allies.

The Pits to the north of Argos bubbles with tar from long ago. Bones of strange animals are littered about the area and are in demand from sages who study ancient species.

Baron: A fishing community that had its major trade road cut off when the Plains of Chaos came to be. The terrains on its southern border help protect it from the denizens of Chaos, but the occasional orc or troll force comes to challenge. While the town sports many docks, sea travel to and from varies due to its lack of a major land route to other towns.

They are a very militaristic society by necessity. They have a strong navy and lay claim to some of the outlying islands both north and south of the mainland.

Imnian Peninsula: This land is a mageocracy. For those that do not have the Gift, you should tread lightly. Magical might makes right in these lands. The Imnians settled here after the Magus Wars and claimed and shaped the land for themselves. They are ruled by the Council of the Nine, one for each school of magic and the Supreme Magus.

Mantol: A tradesman colony. Caravans do travel overland through the Marching Desert to the mountain pass in the north; however, most of the trade is done by sea. Spices, silks, and other fineries are found and sent around the world from here.

Mysidia: Located somewhere in the Forest of Shadow, this is the fabled city of Illusion. At the end of the Magus War, the followers of Mysinakk retreated within the Elven Woods and with the help, and consent, of the Elves, established a small domain to hide and renew their strength.

Since then, the town has been more and more difficult to discover by exploring. Whether the elves, mages, or Mysinakk has chosen to hide the city from outsiders is largely unknown.

Brightstar: This fortified town has attempted to become a naval power in the North. They have established themselves as a trading power by harvesting many of the tropical fruits that grow only on the islands that ring the mainland. Passage to the Dragon Isles can also be found here as this is the port closest to those lands.

Ruins of Darkhold and Dragenta Cove: This fortress was overrun by trolls and other beasts from the Black Moors. A few survivors fled by ship south and established the town of Brightstar. The ruins of the city hold the lost treasures and knowledge for those who would brave the beasts and other denizens that have since moved in and taken residence.

The Vast: The huge swampland contains hordes of trolls and giants which have subjugated many of the smaller goblinoid tribes. They continually raid the city of Argos and the surrounding trade routes for slaves and supplies.

Rumors abound of a lost race of lizard men and their cities deep within the swamp.

Stargaze Forest: The current heart of the High Elven Empire. Their great forest realm lies in the midst of the forest against the mountains. The forest gains its name from this small but towering range of mountains whose tallest peaks rise above the clouds giving an unparalleled glimpse into the heavens above.

Plains of Chaos: This barren area has been take over by the broken tribes of goblins, orcs, and other followers of the Triumvirate of Chaos. Ever since a meteor fell to the ground and exploded, this region of land has steadily grown more and more barren. Magic does not behave the way it should and the followers of the Triumvirate hide within this realm and gather strength.

Ancient settlements of both the Dwarves and Elves were demolished centuries ago when the meteor stuck the ground. Perhaps those magics from ages past are still there, lying in the rubble of those ancient cities. Perhaps some have been found already and twisted to a cause of evil. The forces of Good have been able to keep the Evil growing in these lands at bay, but soon, it may not be enough.

Forests of Shadow and Forest of Light: The former heart of the Elven Empire. When the last Dragonflight occurred and came over their lands, the resulting battles created the rift that split their forest in two. The dragons were driven off to what is now the Dragon Isles, but the mighty force that was the Old Elven Empire began it’s inevitable decline.

Some say that the meteorite that fell and created the Plains of Chaos was sent to punish the Elves for this, but they used unknown magics to alter its trajectory.

The Black Moors and The Forest of Blood: The rampaging troll tribes patrol and defend this swampland against all who intrude. The elves that live in the nearby woodlands have defended their lands against the “Undying” for centuries. Some of the trees have turned red with age and moss, thus earning it’s moniker as well as from the many battles fought here.

Kirkland map: Large Map of Kirkland

Kirkland Major Cities and Areas

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