The people of Tomoro’s Ford have undergone many hardships over the years. In the absence of the Company of the Silver Moon, the people were forced to abandon their town surrounding the area around the Black Tower that the Company had claimed after driving off Alcheron. Even with the protection of Kirkland troops, the town was overwhelmed by a horde of Giants and their slaves and forced to flee eastward.

A great battle was fought where the waters of the Briarwash joins the flow of the Wildrush. Many warriors laid down their lives to allow others to cross the raging waters and, eventually, resettle.

It is in this rebuilt town that you find yourselves recovering in. Much was left and lost in the old ruins, including whatever personal effects that may or may not remain inside the Black Tower. Do you prefer to fade once again into history, or perhaps regain your standing as the Company of the Silver Moon?


Current Home Page for the Kirkland Campaign setting. First session is almost ready to go, and waiting on a head count and confirmation of folks actually attending.

I look forward to flinging the monsters and magic at folks again. My hopes, is that I do well enough at it to keep them coming back..:)

Large Map of Kirkland

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